Calgary was literally on fire, my experince vending at Otafest

Hey there, friends! 

I've just returned from back to back convention weekends with Anime North and Otafest. This blog post is about Otafest since I have v-log to go with it.

From the moment we arrived in Calgary, the excitement (and smoke in the air) was palpable. We were armed with an array of new products, and heavy luggage.

To give you a chaotic taste of the experience, we've put together a casual video showcasing our Calgary journey and Otafest. You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at our table, the venue, the nerdy atmosphere, and of course, a buncha nonsense.

Overall this show is one of my favs from the natural sunlight, the modest size and the people. We did pretty well after what seems like immense expenses to break even when travelling.  But let me tell you, the real highlight was witnessing the smiles on people's faces as they discovered the sugar and spice of Glitter Bones Boutique. From our original character Osito to our sassy stickers and enamel pins we love when people get a good laugh at our products.

Until next time, keep on tryin' and cryin'

Glitter Bones